LUBBOCK, Texas – While there is no debate that everyone loves ice cream, Howdy Homemade creates just more than that.

Founded by Tom Landis, Howdy Homemade Ice Cream creates jobs for people with intellectual and developmental abilities. A franchise that is coming to Lubbock’s West End Shopping center June 4. 

Howdy Homemade is powered by people with disabilities, allowing them to hold leadership roles while embodying their core values of God, Family, co-workers, Customers and Self. An ice cream shop that is people-centered. 

“This gives them a meaning and a purpose, and an opportunity to have some form of responsibility to give them a little bit of hope, a little bit of dignity, a little bit of pride, and some self-worth,” said Imre Szenttornyay, Partner of Howdy West Texas, LLC.

Gyorgi and Elek Szenttornyay are Howdy Heroes, employees who are excited to use their untapped abilities through the power of ice cream. 

“I get to work there with my whole family. My mom, my dad, my sister and my brothers,” said Elek, Howdy Hero and Public Relations of Howdy West Texas LLC.

The Szenttornyay family hopes that people leave with a lasting impact not only from the ice cream but the people behind the counter. 

“These are truly the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met. They have an enormous amount of untapped abilities that a lot of people haven’t utilized yet. We’re hoping that we can do that through our amazing ice cream,” said Sebestyen Szenttornyay, Franchise Owner and general manager of Howdy West Texas, LLC. 

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream will have a grand opening celebration June 4 and will celebrate by giving away 5,000 pints of ice cream. 

While you can’t visit just yet, customers can find their faces on pints of Howdy Homemade at H-E-B. 

“You cannot walk into Howdy Homemade and not come out a changed person. It will touch your heart. There’s no way that you can walk out and not be changed,” said Cindy Szenttornyay, Howdy Homemade shop manager.

The location will offer unique membership opportunities for customers who need a little extra ice-cream fix. The Howdy Heroes Membership program is a subscription program that offers members a free pint a month, members-only flavors, invitations to special tastings, quarterly ice cream socials, free scoops on special holidays, rewards and prizes. Most importantly, $1 of every subscription sold will go back to the local community to benefit special needs programs and scholarships.

To find out find more about the opening celebration and membership opportunities, click here or follow @howdywesttexas on Instagram.