LUBBOCK, Texas — A group of Lubbock moms are getting training from the Lubbock Police Department on how to protect themselves, and their children in the case of an active shooter situation.

“The absolute last thing that I thought I’d ever have to talk about is this,” said Corporal Sam Reedy, Lubbock Police. “In this day and age though, you can never be too careful.”

Chelsea Anders, organizer of the training, said other moms have expressed to her this need for training. She said she worked closely with LPD, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, and other advocates to get this training up free of charge for concerned moms.

“So many of us have been in Walmarts, and wondered what would happen if I was there and my kid got away from me,” Anders said. “This training gives us peace of mind, because now I know exactly what I have to do.”

If you would also like to receive training you should contact the non-emergency number of Lubbock Police and ask for Corporal Sam Reedy.