LUBBOCK, Texas – One local restaurant has a goal of donating five thousand meals to medical workers and first responders during the widespread coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy Waller, owner of Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen said they’re hoping to bring some relief during a stressful time.

The restaurant has already donated more than 400 meals to hospitals and first responders.

“Even if they have a face mask on you can see their eyes light up,” Wallace said. “I mean — they’re excited about it,” he said.

He said he hopes the meals give them a sense of normalcy in an uncertain time.

“Just warm food — not just a cold box meal, or something out of a vending machine,” he said. “Because they’re so busy.”

Ashlye Kaerwer, Chief Nursing Officer at Lubbock Heart and Surgical Hospital, said the donation of food they received allowed everyone to worry about one less thing.

“Everybody was incredibly grateful,” she said. “It was a little less stressful for everybody worrying about do we need to go down to the cafeteria and get something.”

Waller said his restaurant is accomplishing the mission it was built to do.

“After we signed the contract to build, God put it on our hearts that we weren’t going to keep any of the profits and they just all go back into our staff and into the community.”