LUBBOCK, Texas — It wasn’t too long ago that the Hub City was battered by a storm that brought baseball-sized hail in some parts of town. While the severe weather hit a few weeks ago now, those in the roof repair business are still as booked as ever.

President of Kincaid Roofing, Kris Kincaid, said that now that his group has gotten a good look at roofs around town post-storm, the damage has been inconsistent from house-to-house.

“This is unlike any storm that I’ve been a part of in 23 years of doing this,” said Kincaid. “Every roof needs to be looked at individually because it’s almost like you grabbed a handful of marbles of different sizes and threw them straight up.”

According to Kincaid, all of the dents and damages may not even be visible yet, but not just because they’re out of sight. Kincaid said that because the shingles were so hot when the storm hit, the granules got pushed in, and it will take some rain and more sunny days to get them off.

“Right now, a lot of [granules] are deeply embedded, and you have to look pretty hard, which sounds crazy with baseball-sized hail and bigger, but you’ll see that it is there,” said Kincaid.

Kincaid also said that getting your roof inspected is encouraged due to the sporadic nature of the damage, but also wanted to remind others that it’s important to be familiar with the laws around roofing.

“Anybody offering to cover the deductible: it’s illegal now as of 2019 [with] House Bill 2102,” said Kincaid. “Just be weary of that because all loopholes have been closed on yard sign allowances, vouchers and stuff like that, so be weary of anybody that’s willing to commit fraud.”

Kincaid also said to keep in mind that while the storm has passed, the demand for repair is still booming.

“I always say the toughest thing about our business is when everybody needs us, they need us at the same time,” said Kincaid. “We’re looking at hundreds and hundreds of roofs as fast as we can, but obviously, just be patient with us.”

Kincaid also recommended using a roofing company that is a part of the Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association, as they’re local, have been vetted out and practicing for at least two years.