LUBBOCK, Texas — A locally owned company used the Lubbock skyline in its upcoming Salsa Ranchera.

To give tribute to the growth and support of the company, Kylito’s Salsa will debut a new salsa flavor called Salsa Ranchera with the Lubbock skyline in the background of the logo.

The label of Kylito's Salsa Ranchera, featuring the Lubbock skyline on the logo
Image courtesy of Kylito’s

Growing up, Kyle Lancaster was always in the kitchen watching his mother, Joanne Lancaster, cook as his aspirations began to grow. On the company website, it stated that his first “culinary masterpiece” was whipping up meals such as “chili eggs and tuna supremes.”

As his skills progressed, Lancaster and his friend opened a restaurant, Jodarro’s Grill, in Slaton in the spring of 2001. Jodarro’s Grill served a blend of Mexican and American cuisine and slowly gained popularity in West Texas.

People loved Lancaster’s salsa so much that they ate it on every entree and ordered large servings of his salsa.

Jadarro’s Grill was where he received his nickname “Kylito”. This, later on, turned into a name brand for his salsa demands from his customers.

The demand for Lancaster’s salsa was so high that he began jarring it out of his home kitchen. In 2011 on Valentine’s Day, Lancaster, his brother Kraig, and his sister-in-law Tracye established Kylito’s Salsa Co. LLC.

Lancaster said on Friday that the new salsa was expected to hit United Supermarkets shelves in four to five weeks.