LUBBOCK, Texas – Lockney Police provided information Monday on the arrest of a man who was accused of hiding meth inside a potato chip bag. On February 19, a man, Marcello Rodriguez, was arrested for possession of meth, according to Lockney Chief of Police Casey Fitzwater.

Fitzwater saw Rodriguez at a gas station, where Rodriguez rolled down his window and began talking to him saying he was there to meet a family member. He was mumbling and not making much sense, according to Fitzwater.

Rodriguez drove to Allsup’s, where he said he was meeting the family member, and because of his strange behavior, the chief followed him.

Rodriguez went into the store, talked to the clerk and left. The chief went in after him and talked to the clerk who said the man “…didn’t make much sense.” He told Fitzwater he saw someone in a white pickup go over to Rodriguez’ vehicle, hand him something and drive off.

Fitzwater followed Rodriguez out of the parking lot, followed him for a few blocks and pulled him over. He found meth inside a potato chip bag after searching the vehicle and arrested him.

According to Fitzwater, Rodriguez was taken into custody.