LUBBOCK, Texas — The three Lubbock Police Departments Division Stations have been up and running in the Lubbock community for a year to help provide more transparency and keep Lubbockites safe.

Lubbock Police said the substations were created so that the community can have more involvement with the police department.

“…Now we have officers that work the same area of town, they work in the same beats. So the citizens know who’s coming to their calls. They know that officers, they can come to the community engagement room here have meetings with officers talk about the problems. And also, they can it’s a lot easier for them to come to the police department to follow the report because they have more locations,” Captain Leath McClure, Lubbock Police Department, said.

The three stations are located:

  • North Patrol: (806) 775-3481 (5910 Erskine Street)
  • South Patrol: (806) 775-3482 (14005 Indiana Avenue)
  • East Patrol: (806) 775-3483 (1901 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard)

All three stations are identical and house over 80 officers at each location.

“We pull stats every two weeks…What’s up what crime is down trends that may be going on. And of course, we also look at response times, that’s a big thing with the division station.” Capt. McClure said.

Their goal is to keep response times down to 5 minutes.

“So, if someone calls the police for an important call or a priority call, as we would call it, that we have officers on scene within five minutes,” Capt. McClure said.

Capt. McClure said the sub stations are more accessible to the citizen that live in the area.

New headquarters were expected to be finished in 2023.

“That will be downtown, right next to citizens tower. Once that is complete, then we will also open a smaller division station there which will be centralized downtown, where there still be officers, people and stations where you can still come in off the street and file a report or talk to the police. But this was just a better way to get a spread out throughout the community,” Capt. McClure said.

If you would like to visit any of the sub stations or set up a community meeting, click here for more information.