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LUBBOCK, Texas — With COVID-19 cases spiking, a lot of people have opted to have smaller gatherings than usual for Thanksgiving. Others have decided avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 by skipping the family dinner altogether. However, there are still a number of options in Lubbock to have a safe Thanksgiving meal.

“I don’t want to let my parents get it at all, because I don’t know how that will affect them,” said Texas Tech senior Brittany Muller.

Muller said she decided decided against heading to her home in Dallas for the holiday.

“Just anyone in college, I think, is getting COVID a lot easier, because we’re more out and doing things in general,” she said. “So I feel like that’s why I’m a little more concerned about going back for Thanksgiving.”

Many others have also expressed similar concerns to Muller. Given the pandemic, more folks are keeping their gatherings small and are even considering just ordering takeout – with all the Turkey Day fixings of course.

United Supermarkets has a line of “Ready2Heat” Thanksgiving-style meals that can be prepared for those choosing to have a more relaxed family dinner than usual.

“They can purchase our turkey or ham ready meals for two if they need something smaller, that we offer in our ready meal locations at our store,” said United Supermarkets Concierge Nesley Clem. “And of course, we can help you build a meal, a cart, and whatever side you like, whatever kind of protein you like.”

Clem said United Supermarkets has a variety of ready to heat meals and desserts that can serve anywhere from 1-10 people. All of their options can be viewed on their website – if you would like to order anything for Thanksgiving, you need to call the store to order it.

“All of our dinners do come cold fully cooked and ready to heat. we are aware of COVID and we do want our guests to feel safe,” said Clem. “So there is that option to call your local store and your team members we’ll get you taken care of.”

Muller said that although it may be tempting to get together with family to celebrate this holiday, it’s important to consider the risks.

“You have no idea how that’s gonna affect anyone else in your family,” said Muller. “Whether they have something as small as asthma or [they’re] just in that older generation that is more likely to get a worse case of it.”

While there may be fewer people around the table this year, Muller said that taking precautions now is an important step to take if we all want to be together for the next holiday.

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