Looking for answers: Psychics see shift in clientele as the pandemic continues

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LUBBOCK, Texas — With so much uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, some are turning to psychics to give them peace of mind.

Katherine Orndorff is a tarot card reader who said that normally the cards are different for each person she reads, but now she finds a lot of the same cards appear. 

“It’s been a lot of constant. Just a lot of listless boring — which is weird because those cards don’t usually come up,” Orndorrf said. “People want it to give them a light at the end of the tunnel sort of thing and I haven’t seen that yet.”

Local tarot card reader Tarot by Mojo said that reading cards provides people with the chance to connect with their energy. That connection can provide healing and a bit of certainty. 

A certainty and second perspective that Orndorff hopes to provide to her clients.

“Through that you figure out how you want [the future] to end and where you should make it go,” Orndorff said. 

For Odessa, Texas based Clairvoyant Medium Christine McClendon the clients she sees shifted once the pandemic started. 

“When this first hit I had tons of people in the hospital and the medical field you know, ‘Am I going to get COVID?’” she said. 

McCelndon also does medical interventions and says that she’s found many excluding ionized salt from their diets which can cause spiritual and physical problems. 

At Purple Mandrake Healing Center, healing from physical and spiritual issues goes beyond just reading cards, becoming more about energy. They said that during this time of uncertainty it’s important to make sure to surround yourself with good energy. 

They provide everything from massages to crystal therapy, to Reiki Healing all aimed at aligning your energies and bringing peace. 

The Purple Mandrake says they are able to help clients deal with past problems as well as cope with the uncertainty of today. But many are still looking towards the future and wondering when the pandemic will end and what lies ahead.

“Since the pandemic it’s more economic security a lot of people have come asking me about their health,” said Amarillo, Texas based Psychic Tami Jones. “I am increasingly getting more people looking for mediumship.”

But psychics like Jones said they haven’t seen relief in the future. 

“One of the things that I see coming, unfortunately, is we are about to have a vast increase in home foreclosures, people being evicted, cars being repossessed. People are terrified of that,” Jones said. 

No matter what lies ahead McClendon believes it’s also important to focus on the now.

“Really, what you have is the present and you have to focus on that because that’s really what predicts your future,” McClendon said. 

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