LUBBOCK, Texas— Solidad Torres was 18 when her ex-boyfriend Dameon Marmalejo physically assaulted her over the social app Snapchat. In the years following the attack, she has used her story to raise awareness of the dangers of domestic violence.

In 2017, Torres was in a relationship with Marmalejo for only two months when the incident occurred. She told on Monday it started with a push-and-a-grab but later escalated to punches and slaps.

In June of that year, Marmalejo demanded Torres delete all her social media apps, according to Torres. She said she re-downloaded Snapchat to talk to her sister, and when Marmalejo found out, the abuse became “the worst it could be.”

Torres said Marmalejo began hitting, kicking and stomping on her and later “slammed [Torres’s head into the bathtub.” Marmalejo was later arrested and sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

Torres told that she and her loved ones have hosted events designed to shine a light on domestic violence. Torres said they are set to host their 7th annual event on October 21. The event will have a car show, dog show,  jalapeño-eating contest and a live performance from Mr. Coop.

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The money raised from the event will be set aside for families of domestic victims, according to Torres.

Torres provided some advice to young people who may be in a similar situation she was in.

“If you have to love yourself before you know the true meaning of love,” Torres said.