LUBBOCK, Texas — If you feel like there have been more crashes involving people getting hit by cars this year, you’re right. On Monday, the Lubbock Police Department said there have been 69 crashes involving pedestrians so far this year — nine of them fatal — and the year is just half-over.

“When you have a 2,000-pound vehicle traveling down the road, there’s not much reaction time they have when there’s a pedestrian right in front of them,” Sgt. Timothy Seeley said.

In 2019, described as a “fairly high” year, LPD reported 132 pedestrian-involved crashes. Ten of them were fatal.

“We’re on track to have more [pedestrian crashes this year] than what we did in 2019, which is concerning and alarming to us,” Seeley said.

These wrecks typically happen on busy roadways at night or in the evening when visibility is low. They also share a common and often fatal mistake.

“The majority of our traffic fatalities that we’ve had involving pedestrians, the pedestrian did not have the right of way … We’ve heard it a bunch that a pedestrian has the right of way all the time. That is not the case,” Seeley said.

He pointed out that pedestrians have the right of way in two specific scenarios — at an intersection controlled by a light and a crosswalk.

Now, Seeley added officers will be on the lookout to enforce pedestrian violations as a way to discourage jaywalking and to try to prevent these accidents from happening again.