LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department on Friday confirmed that in the days leading up to the March for Life event, January 29 and 30 in Lubbock, Planned Parenthood sent a list of 13 names along with corresponding images and dates of birth to LPD.

On Thursday evening, Lubbock Lights published a police statement. confirmed the authenticity of the statement with an LPD spokesperson.

It said in part, “This document included 13 individuals Planned Parenthood identified …”

According to the LPD statement, Planned Parenthood described them as “living in and around the city of Lubbock, while the others are the ‘big names’ who will be coming in and are listed as speakers at the rallies on Friday and Saturday.”

Police said, “Officers assigned to coordinate police operations surrounding the logistics of the march conducted a search using open-source methods of the individuals.”

“[Officers] found that all were publicly associated with the March for Life, West Texas For Life or speakers expected at the events being hosted during the weekend’s events,” the statement said. “LPD does not maintain lists of protesters identified as pro-life or pro-choice.” made an open-records request to see if the list was used internally by LPD only for law enforcement purposes or if LPD provided the results of its open-source search to Planned Parenthood. An update will be provided if the request turns up relevant information.

The request remained pending as of Friday, but in the meantime, police said, “The documents were only used for law enforcement purposes.”

Mark Lee Dickson, a speaker at the March for Life and an organizer of a petition drive to make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn, was included among the 13. The petition led to the calling of a special election on May 1, 2021, “for an ordinance to outlaw abortion within the City of Lubbock, and to declare Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn.” reached out to Dickson to offer a comment.

“An employee of a Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas created and shared a ‘watch list’ of pro-life activists with the Lubbock Police Department,” Dickson said. “This is extremely disturbing.”

“The event which took place outside of Planned Parenthood in January was a peaceful event,” Dickson said. “If anyone deserves to be watched by the Lubbock Police Department, it is Planned Parenthood. They are the ones who have expressed a desire to murder innocent human beings by abortion in Lubbock, Texas.”

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood was also invited to comment. After the story was published, a statement was released. Planned Parenthood said:

“The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. We continually implement security precautions which include communicating with law enforcement professionals prior to protests that require our health centers to close. We will continue to implement all recommended safety protocols, especially during this time in our country when violence by extremists is occurring across the U.S.”