LUBBOCK, Texas — Mattie Worley was last seen on Friday, November 13th outside Terra Vista Middle School before she disappeared for eight days. On Sunday, 14-year-old Worley was located thanks to a collaborative effort between Lubbock Police, Michigan Police and Federal authorities.

Shortly after Worley’s disappearance, a missing children’s search and rescue organization made up of veterans and former law enforcement members got involved and assisted with the search.

“We were so glad that everything worked out, everybody played their part, everybody did their job. And she was brought, she’s gonna be brought home,” said Preying on Predators member Jason Haak.

After talking to friends and search through her electronic devices, Lubbock Police found evidence indicating that Worley might have been enticed and lured out of state by a predator.

“The dangers are there for their children, they know you’re going to come looking for them so they hide out with these friends of friends,” said Haak. “Well we don’t know who these friends of friends are and neither do they.”

From there LPD believed Worley was missing and in danger. Detectives from the Lubbock Police Department’s Special Victims Unit then worked with Michigan Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to locate Worley in the home of a man over 1,500 miles away in Alden, Michigan.

“These predators are grooming your children online, because they want, they’re going to give them that attention, the affection, the affirmation that they desire,” said Haak. “And that’s how a lot of these kids will run off with these adult males to other places across the country.”

Police said Worley was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation. The man she was with is now in jail. Below is the press release from the Lubbock Police Department regarding Worley’s recovery and investigation.


The following is a news release from the Lubbock Police Department:

Lubbock Police, with the assistance of federal and Michigan agencies, have located 14-year-old Mattie Worley in Alden, Michigan.

Through the investigation, detectives from the Lubbock Police Department Special Victims Unit discovered evidence on Worley’s electronic devices that indicated she was possibly enticed and eventually taken out of state. Upon this discovery, a request was made to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist and provide additional resources to search for Worley.

Detectives were able to identify that Worley in was possibly located in Alden, Michigan and changed her status to missing and endangered. Coordination between agencies in Michigan led to an address where the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Michigan State Police SWAT Team and the Antrim County Sheriff Department executed a search warrant early this morning. Worley was located in the residence with an adult male subject. Worley was turned over to Child Protective Services in Michigan and transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation. The adult male is currently being detained by authorities in Michigan.

Plans to reunite Worley with her parents are on-going and the investigation continues.  More information will be released as it becomes available.

(News release from the Lubbock Police Department)