LUBBOCK, Texas – This summer, fatal traffic crashes in Lubbock have risen compared to previous years. 

According to the Lubbock Police Department, seven people were killed in traffic crashes in June, and one was killed in July.

LPD said 27 people have been killed since the beginning of 2019. Compared to 2018, there have been seven more fatal traffic crashes in Lubbock. In 2017, there were 26 fatalities and 29 in 2016.

Based on the numbers, Lubbock is currently on track to pass it’s 2016 record of fatalities.

The following are some tips on how to avoid crashes:

  • Drive the posted speed limit
  • Move over to give stopped vehicles on the shoulder room
  • Keep phones and other electronics out of reach when driving
  • Drive defensively
  • Always wear your seat belt and make sure all passengers do as well.