LUBBOCK, Texas — A report from the Lubbock Police Department provided new information on the pursuit that ended in a fatal crash May 16 when Jimmy Lopez, 29, died in a head-on collision on the 100 block of Parkway Drive.

The situation started when an officer was on her way home. She noticed Lopez driving on the opposite side of the road. She then turned on her emergency lights and turned around to follow him. Another officer was able to enter onto Marsha Sharp Freeway going east from the Quaker Avenue interchange and attempted to locate Lopez’ vehicle. The officer then located the suspect just near the University Avenue exit.

The police report indicated that while more patrol units attempted to block oncoming traffic, Lopez continuously sped up and slowed down in his vehicle. Patrol units tried to get Lopez to stop, but he sped up again after passing the overpass at Avenue Q.

Lopez then passed four more patrol units, who also tried to get him. Lopez picked up speed after that, turned onto Parkway and collided with an SUV carrying four passengers.

According to the LPD report, both vehicles were damaged substantially.

According to the police report, when officers arrived at the SUV, part of the vehicle frame was smashed, cutting off the officers’ access to the inside. The airbags also deployed and blocked the windows. An officer had to cut it with a knife to see inside.

There were four people in the SUV that Lopez hit, who were all “laid out on the ceiling of the vehicle,” after the crash, according to Lubbock police. They were all sent to University Medical Center for their injuries.

One person in the SUV had a deep wound on his forehead.  Lopez was pronounced dead at the scene.