Lubbock Police last week arrested Robert Jade Lopez-Parker, 45, of Lubbock for sexual assault.  

An arrest warrant said police were called to an apartment in the 7000 block of Ironton Avenue on Wednesday for the report of a sexual assault.  According to the warrant, Lopez-Parker knocked on a door and claimed to be a maintenance man.  A woman let him in. 

The warrant said he forced her to perform a sexual act against her will.

After he left, the property manager recognized Lopez-Parker as a former employee.  The manager asked why Lopez-Parker was there, and he responded that he was with another resident at the apartments.

The manager told police Lopez-Parker had no business being there, according to the warrant. 

A police report said officers found Lopez-Parker on Thursday evening in the 3300 block of East Cornell. They suspected he was in the house but did not know for sure.  The officer waited to see if anyone came out.  Police saw Lopez-Parker leave with someone else and he was arrested in a traffic stop nearby.  

A press release from federal prosecutors in 2013 said Lopez-Parker was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender.  He was ordered to serve 46 months (nearly four years) in federal prison. The 2013 statement said he had ties to Abilene and Scurry County.  

The 2013 statement said Lopez-Parker had a previous conviction in the state of Washington for child molestation.