LUBBOCK, Texas – On Friday, the Lubbock Police Department shared that Detective Jeffrey Buschman received the 2023 United States Attorney’s Northern District of Texas Award of Excellence in Dallas, said a social media post from LPD.

Detective Buschman received recognition for the Jason White child pornography case. White was a former dentist in Lubbock who admitted to making child pornography.

White was first arrested in January of 2020 at his practice after police received a tip from two parents that White had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with their underaged children.

White was later sentenced to 360 months (30 years) in federal prison in January of 2022.

LPD said the case included a “life-long pattern of predatory and grooming behavior” on behalf of White. The pattern of sexual abuse went all the way back to 1998 when White was 19 years old, according to court records.

The post said Detective Buschman gave a voice to multiple victims and allowed them to take their lives back.

Detective Buschman located 16 victims who provided statements and another 10 who also verified White’s offenses, said LPD.