LUBBOCK, Texas– Lubbock Police were still searching for a suspect after a man claimed he was stabbed early New Year’s Day, a police report confirmed.

While on the scene of a traffic collision at approximately 3:15 a.m., located at 3300 19th Street, a police officer saw a vehicle come to a stop near the fire engine blocking traffic, the report said.

The driver told the officer he needed help because he was stabbed.

The man removed his hand from the wound, “allowing a large amount of blood to flow out onto himself.”

Firefighters on the scene administered aid to the man and located one wound on his lower left side. The report said the bleeding was stopped until EMS arrived.

When the officer asked the man what happened, he could only say a suspect stabbed him “on the corner of 25th” but could not specify further.

However, the man said at approximately 3:00 a.m., he showed up at the address where his ex-girlfriend was at a party. He said he did not know who the home belonged to.

While attempting to talk to his ex-girlfriend, the man said a suspect exited the home and tried to fight the man. The man said he was trying to avoid the confrontation and was attempting to get back in his pickup truck to leave.

The suspect approached the door of the pickup truck, held it open and stabbed the man in the torso with a knife, the report said.

The man did not recognize the suspect nor did he know what his relation to his ex-girlfriend was.

The man was able to recount enough of the location of the scene, saying 25th Street was near a baseball field, and he also mentioned seeing the Park Tower Apartments, 1617 27th Street, the report said.

EMS took the man to the hospital for treatment of his wound.