LUBBOCK, Texas – A police report obtained by provided new details on a Sunday morning shooting that killed one person and injured two more.

At approximately 4:22 a.m. Sunday, the Lubbock Police Department responded to the shots-fired call in the 4800 block of Avenue Q.

According to the police report, when officers arrived, multiple people were running away from the scene and leaving the parking lot quickly.

The police report said three people had gunshot wounds: one in the ankle, one in the leg and another in the shoulder and back. All three victims arrived at hospitals for their injuries.

An officer heard screaming inside a business, according to the police report. After going inside, the officer saw a man, later identified as Alijah Viramontes, 21, lying on the ground, and a woman who identified herself as Viramontes’ girlfriend.

According to the police report, Viramontes was unresponsive as an officer provided first aid.

Viramontes’ girlfriend told police the business owner let the suspect inside, and a “physical altercation broke out” between the suspect and another person. She also told police the next thing she knew was that she heard gunshots, and as they tried to run away, Viramontes fell over and collapsed.

The police report said the man in the physical altercation with the suspect had blood on his face and swelling consistent with being punched multiple times.

The man told police, “the only thing he knew was that out of nowhere he was being jumped.” He said did not know who attacked him or what they looked like.

At the time of the police report, the suspect was unknown.

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