LUBBOCK, Texas– A man was arrested Friday after Lubbock Police were told he tried to break into a Central Lubbock home, according to a police report.

At approximately 11:45 p.m., an officer responded to a call about a man “kicking and screaming” on the automatic kiosk located at the Covenant Health east parking building at 3511 21st Street.

The man was identified as Austin Powell, the report said.

The officer said Powell was related to a previous call in the 3500 block of 22nd Place when he tried to enter a home. According to the report, the man inside the home said he had a firearm and was ready to shoot Powell if he entered. Powell was unsuccessful and ran from the home.

The officer eventually found Powell walking eastbound on 19th Street crossing Indiana Avenue, the report said.

The officer asked Powell where he was headed, and he said he was walking home. The officer told Powell he was walking in the opposite direction of where he lived, and he became defensive, the report said. He told the officer he lived in the 6200 block of 23rd Street.

Powell told the officer he was coming from Cheers Bar, 3525 34th Street. He originally denied that he was drinking, the report said. However, he later told the officer he had one shot.

According to the report, Powell said he did not want to drive, so he decided to find a way to call for a ride.

Powell’s eyes were “glassy and pinpoint,” the report said. He also appeared disoriented with where he was, was confused when the officer asked him to clarify questions and could not provide clear answers to the officer’s questions.

He was taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center and booked for public intoxication, the report said.