LUBBOCK, Texas — According to the Lubbock Police Department, risky driving tends to go up on three-day weekends. However, Tony Leal with LPD said that he and his colleagues have seen a more positive trend regarding some alcohol and motor vehicle incidents since 2021. 

“Over the last few years we have seen a decrease in the amount of DWI that we are given on Labor Day weekend, and when I say Labor Day weekend, we take into account the Friday before Labor Day all the way up until that Monday,” said Leal. “Looking back to 2021, we did see a decrease from ten in 2021 to nine and 2022, and this year we saw six cases of DWI and one case of intoxication assault.”

In data provided by Leal, Sundays have consistently been the day where most of these arrests are made. While Leal said he doesn’t have an exact reason why the numbers have decreased over the years, or why Sundays are particularly busy, he does have some ideas. 

“I like to think that people are just using the rideshare services more often and that they’re actually taking the advice that they’re seeing on social media when it comes to drinking and driving, and using those rideshare services and I think it’s really awesome,” said Leal. 

Although these numbers have decreased, some people will still probably make the unfortunate decision to drink and drive. But Leal has some tips on how to tell when you probably shouldn’t have the keys. 

“It takes you back to those old ads: buzzed driving is drunk driving, so if you can feel any type of decreased functionality in yourself, then maybe it’s time to hand those keys over,” said Leal. “If you’re going out and you’re making plans to go out and you may drink and you may have more than you planned, go ahead and get a ride.” 

Leal also said if you’re ever thinking about driving after going out with some friends, to not only think about the fines and legal fees that come with a DWI, but with the potential harm to yourself and others that drinking and driving can cause.