LUBBOCK, Texas – Officers with the Lubbock Police Department recovered a stolen 2020 Ford Expedition early Tuesday morning after it had been taken from the Professional Maintenance, Inc. warehouse on Monday.

Now detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify the thief caught in the act on surveillance footage.

The car belonged to Kathy Riley, the Vice President of the company. She said Mondays are their busiest day for moving supplies in and out of the warehouse, and in this case the garage door was easily accessible to the masked individual who scoped out the area.

“I lock it 99 percent of the time, but not when I’m in my own warehouse or when I’m in the garage,” Riley said.

With her keys remaining in the vehicle, the thief proceeded to drive off in the car.

On Tuesday morning, it was found not too far from where the warehouse is located off of Baylor Drive.

“They found my vehicle off of Avenue P in pretty much no mans land of all places and it was completely stripped down of all my tires except one,” Riley said.

Authorities said they are looking into the prints left on the vehicle and are interested in the public’s help to identify the man in the video. He also has a tattoo on his forehead that they believe will help in the case.

“They do definitely think he lives around here, they don’t think this is his first time, but they took the jack they took everything inside whatever you have they take,” says Riley.

If you have any knowledge of who this individual is you can contact LPD with the case number 20-31296.

According to LPD, these cases have been seen more frequently in the area. The South Plains Auto Theft Task Force said the number one cause is people leaving their keys inside the vehicle or leaving it unlocked and advise people to double check their car before leaving it unattended.