LUBBOCK, Texas — While many will be cracking fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Lubbock Police will be cracking down on drunk driving. Lieutenant Eric Quijada with LPD said law enforcement presence will be heavier the last night of the year since these are the busiest nights for DUI and DWI arrests. 

“Typically, on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. Lubbock police department, DPS Sheriff’s Department we all kind of assign units specifically to look for intoxicated driving. It’s very important for people to go out and have fun but they also need to do it in a safe manner,” Lieutenant Quijada said. 

According to statistics shared by LPD, alcohol related collisions are down this year in comparison to recent years. 

“So far, we’re on track to have a few less alcohol related crashes. But we’re still within 20 or 30. from previous years, even going back to 2019,” Lieutenant Quijada said. 

Lieutenant Quijada said even when DWI’s aren’t deadly, they still come with financial burdens and consequences that put yourself and others at risk.  

“Drinking and driving can not only ruin your own life, but ruin dozens and dozens of people affected by it. Whether it is you don’t hurt anybody and you get arrested, it can be costly,” Quijada said. “God forbid, you get into a crash, and you hurt yourself or hurt someone else or even kill someone else yourself.”

LPD suggests using rideshare apps like Uber, Lyft, taxi services or calling a friend or family member before getting behind the wheel. 

“Even if you’re embarrassed by the fact that you’re so intoxicated, you can’t drive. Go ahead and call that family member, friend or whoever you can think of to get you a ride as opposed to getting behind the wheel of drive,” Lieutenant Quijada said.