LUBBOCK, Texas — Several residents were without power this morning as temperatures dropped below freezing. Lubbock Power and Light spokesperson, Matt Rose said the cold weather was not the cause of the outage.

“The issue this morning with the equipment was not necessarily because of the cold weather, but the cold weather does make it sometimes harder to get those fixes in place,” said Rose.

Rose said the outage was due to equipment failure. However, LP&L still recommended families have emergency kits in their homes. 

“We have an outage preparedness kit on our website that folks can go take a look at to see but you know things like making sure that you’ve got warm blankets and that you’ve got, you know, a backup battery for your phone or your computer so that you can check the status of these things is important,” said Rose.

Families are also recommended to winterize pipes in their home, to have non-perishable food items packed and to avoid opening their fridges as an unopened fridge can keep food cold for up to four hours during an outage. 

“There are certainly customers in any electrical system that take the move of getting their own generator but it’s not necessarily clearly something that our customers need to do. If certain customers want to do that, I think it’s still helpful,” said Rose.

Rose says these power outages are common across different power providers, but the expansion of the electrical grid helps them stay ahead of these problems. 

“Luckily, in the past, you know, five, six years, we have invested a lot in the grid here locally in Lubbock to expand it, so that we have more opportunity to move more customers around and we’re seeing improved reliability,” said Rose.

For more information regarding power outages, you can visit LP&L’s website here.