Lubbock 17-year-old builds beds for foster kids in need

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LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s not often you meet a 17-year old like Nick Grassie. He’s a high school senior and he’s spending his free time building beds to help siblings going into the state foster care program stay together. As someone that had been in Child and Protective Services himself, his mission to build beds was quite personal.

“That’s probably the biggest cornerstone of who I am, is the fact that I’m adopted,” said Grassie. 

Born in Hobbs, New Mexico and spent his early years living with his mother and sister. However, at age 9, his life changed forever. 

“I was living with my single mother, who went through some hard times, she developed alcohol problems,” he said. “They had to find somewhere for us to live. My sister, she knew her dad, her dad knew about her as well, so she had a place to go. But after that, I had nowhere, I had no one else to go to.”

After being separated from his biological mother and sister, Grassie was adopted by his now father — Nathan.

“Everything I do, because of that, is to help other people,” he said. “And other kids, especially, not have to go through or feel what I felt when I went through that.”

With the support of his adopted family, Grassie has been thriving in school and in extra curriculars.

One of his favorite things is Trail Life, a religious outdoor scouting program. In order to earn his final award, he had to come up with a community service project.

“I decided to build beds for kids in the foster system, or facing going to the foster system,” said Grassie. “Because a lack of bedding in the homes is the number one cause for separation of siblings, because one of them has to move in with a different family member, or one of them gets sent to another foster home, and they can’t be together anymore.” 

So far, he has already built 15 beds – and he said that he hopes to continue helping people when he can. Grassie said that he hopes to work as a therapist for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder someday. 

“I’ve learned everything I wish I could learn from the family I was raised in,” said Grassie. “They’ve been everything to me.”

Grassie’s father, Nathan, couldn’t be more proud of the person his son has become.

“He’s one of these people that can look in and see, reflect upon what he’s gone through and, and how he can use that to help other people,” said Nathan Grassie.

With a high demand for homes for foster kids in Lubbock, Nathan said that he encourages others to find somewhere that they can serve the community. 

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