LUBBOCK, Texas — This year has been a roller coaster for the Drake family after discovering their son, Cooper was battling Leukemia. Last summer, the second grader complained he had pain in his arms and legs. His parents, who thought it was growing pains, would eventually learn he was in for a long battle.

“There’s no way I’ve got cancer, and she told me, like, it can get in your bones and your blood to mess up, like everything,” Cooper said.

Cooper immediately began treatments and transfusions, and on hard days, Brindley, Cooper’s mom said they had friends, family, and the community to lean on.

“Constant, just check-ins and meals were dropped off for that first month that we were home,” Brindley said. “So, from the school to the neighborhood to just even businesses throughout Lubbock, I mean, it has been overwhelming.”

The support has touched Cooper in many ways, even inspiring him to make cards for those in the adult oncology center, and also wanting to become a child life specialist when he grows up, even dressing up as one for Halloween.

Brindley said Cooper makes about 5-7 cards a day if he is feeling well enough and tries to do them all on his own. Cooper said the support he has received has given him the strength to take on this battle.

“It makes me feel really good, it makes me feel strong, it makes me feel like I can do anything,” Cooper said.

Cooper said he has some advice for those going through the same experience.

“If I had to say something for one of the cancer patients, stay strong. If I can do it, you can do it,” Cooper said.

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Cooper | CaringBridge

If you’d like to support or follow Cooper on his journey, he has a blog that’s updated frequently on CaringBridge, where you find links and ways to support him and his family, as well as a GoFundMe.