Lubbock already broke election records and we haven’t even seen election day yet

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First day of early voting 2020 in Lubbock (Nexstar/Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas — Even before Friday, the last day for early voting, Lubbock County smashed previous records for early voting. The total was 88,723 early voters not including Friday and not including Election Day.

Link: Early voting locations for Lubbock & Lubbock County — November 3, 2020 election

Based on numbers provided by the Lubbock County Office of Elections, did the math. If 5,169 people in Lubbock County use early voting on Friday, then more people will have voted in 2020 than any other election in the county’s history – and that’s before election day.

In 2016, Lubbock County had 166,400 total registered voters. Of those, 71,918 chose to vote early while 21,973 voted on election day for a grand total of 93,891 in the 2016.

In 2020, Lubbock County reported 183,505 total registered voters.

The Lubbock County Elections Office which was also set up as a voting location in the 2020 election (Nexstar/Staff)

According to Bloomberg News and other sources, as of Thursday, more than 9 million Texans had cast ballots, compared with 8.97 million four years ago, a record high at the time. In simple terms, election day is still next week but Texas already broke the records for most ballots cast in an election.

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