LUBBOCK, Texas- Rescued Animals Second Chance, a nonprofit just south of Lubbock, said on Tuesday that it is in dire need of donations for hay, water irrigation systems, diesel and more.

“People want to bring us their horses, but we’re at capacity right now because of the drought, the hay costs, diesel costs, feed costs. It’s just astronomical,” said founder Beth Nickels, M.D.

The rescue has saved 90 abused, abandoned, starved and neglected horses from around the country. 68 of those horses would have otherwise been slaughtered.

“All ages, crippled, sick, whatever. They hang them up, slice their neck and start butchering before they’re dead… So that’s why I have 68 horses,” Dr. Nickels said.

Working two jobs as a general surgeon and funding 80% of the organization by herself, Dr. Nickels said with rising inflation and more horses needing save, it’s simply not enough.

“You don’t see all the dedication and the hard work it takes to keep this place running, not just by me and the other employees, but by Beth. Some days, it’s more than we can do. It’s impressive to see that she can come out after working all day at a hospital and still put more work in out here,” said Ranch Hand at Double Nickel Ranch, Cole Brown.

The organization’s most immediate and dire need is feed. Dr. Nickels said her fear of running out of hay is “significant.”

“I’m the one that has to help put out hay and I can see our stockpile dwindling more and more. I can see how much it costs and how much it takes to get it down here, and I can tell that it’s really in dire need,” Brown said.

The group also needs more water irrigation systems, which cost tens of thousands of dollars.

With more help, Dr. Nickels said she could save those horses that are on their way to be slaughtered.

“We have the land to build more pens. We have the land to have more water wells, but right now, we need a lot more financial help,” she said.

Texas Tech Athletics will host an event on August 3rd called Women Behind the Brand, where ladies will have the opportunity to learn and play football. All proceeds will go to Rescued Animals Second Chance. Registration is $80 per person and includes dinner, a t-shirt, yeti cup, Sports Performance Center tour, photo op, on-field drills and more.

To sign up for the event, click here.

There are several other ways to donate to Rescued Animals Second Chance Inc.:

1) Write a check to Rescued Animals Second Chance Inc. and send it to:

4606 21st Street, Lubbock, TX 79407-2312 — TAX ID # 46-1869439

2) Visit the organization’s website and click on the Donate Button to donate through PayPal or any credit card.

3) Or scan the QR Code below to be taken directly to the PayPal Donation Page