LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Animal Services is back to normal after a series of operation changes and closure due to the distemper outbreak that left several animals dead and others euthanized.

Director of Operations Steven Greene said it feels good to have normalcy back in the facility.

“We haven’t had any new cases since July, all of the animals in our facility are healthy and ready to go home,” Greene said.

All the rooms in the shelter are open to the public with adoptions and intakes resuming with no restrictions.

A few weeks ago, protective gear was required when entering the facility but not anymore.

“Obviously when we are cleaning certain rooms, we still wear it if it’s our isolation room where we treat sick animals,” Greene said. “We feel like this distemper outbreak is completely over.”

Green said although they are slower than normal, animals are still being adopted daily.

Assistant Director Taylor Ruggles said getting rid of puppies is not a problem, it’s the bigger dogs they are focused on.

“Some of our older dogs are staying here months at a time. So, I would like to get some of those out. As well as when we get bottle babies in any cat or dog under six weeks of age,” Ruggles said.

Right now, there are puppies in need of a home and if you don’t want to commit to adoption there are fostering options.

Medical fostering is needed as soon as possible for the puppies.

“They need to be fed every two hours. If not, they can get hypoglycemia, they can face a lot of health ramifications due to that,” Ruggles said. ” So, getting them out into a foster that way they can get one-on-one independent care is very crucial to their health.”

Animal Services is happy to be open at full capacity to the community providing safe care until animals find living homes.