Lubbock Animal Services encourages microchipping pets

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LUBBOCK Texas – Lubbock Animal Services (LAS) said getting pets microchipped can help lost pets return to their owners quicker.

Alyssa Davis, a shelter officer at LAS, said they have animals go into their shelter all the time that are not microchipped, which makes it difficult to identify where the animals belong.

Davis said even if your pet has a collar, they should still get microchipped.

“They can get out of their collars so those ID Tags don’t normally stay on or they get caught on something that tag can come off,” said Davis.

Davis said when an animal is microchipped, a simple scan can help bring them home.

“We’ll scan it. We’ll look it up in our system if we can’t find it. There’s also a universal one that you can look up on the Internet and they have like every database of microchips,” said Davis. “When we plug in those microchips, we’re able to find the owner’s name.”

Michelle Bowman, the dispatcher at LAS, said it’s important for people to update their information if their address or contact information has changed.

Bowman said there are common misconceptions about the chips and stressed the microchip is not a live tracking device.

“That’s not how the microchips work, that the dog actually has to be scanned by a scanner to get the information, to try to get it back home to the owner,” said Bowman.

Lubbock Animal Services said they offer $5 microchipping during their hours of operation.

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