LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Animal Services is trying out a new and creative strategy, with the help of community partners, to find homes for the most overlooked dogs in the shelter, staff members shared with on Wednesday.

Thanks to a New Mexico photographer, the shelter is offering funny photoshopped mugs and bright portraits to feature dogs that have stayed in the shelter for more than six months, LAS explained.

“The photographer linked up with Petsy Studio and Petsy Studio reached out to us. They wanted to give us these mugs,” said Assistant Director Megan Gray. “They gave us 20 originally, but 15 of the dogs have left since then and we sent the mugs with them. The mugs are all over the United States now, so that’s a pretty cool experience.”

Those 15 dogs were transported to shelters in other states that have high demand but not enough adoptable animals, staff shared. There are still 17 dogs in the shelter that have been there for more than six months.

“We haven’t moved out as many as we’d like, but it at least brings some knowledge that we have dogs in here that need homes, and they’ve been here a lot longer than they should,” said Director Steven Greene.

But why would dogs with sweet personalities and big smiles be overlooked?

“They all have really great personalities. It’s just that they’re kind of plain looking- tan or black and a lot of people don’t take the time to really look at them and get to know their personality outside the kennel, so I think that’s why they’re here,” Gray suggested.

Director Steven Greene added that he believes dog pen four, where all the long stay dogs are, causes sensory overload “and you might overlook some that are really great dogs.”

The two staff members encouraged anyone visiting the shelter to start in the back room, so they do not miss the dogs that have been searching for their “furever” homes the longest.

All long stay adoptions for the month of January are free. Other animals in the shelter can be adopted for free on Jan. 20th and Jan. 27.