LUBBOCK, Texas — On Thursday, Covenant Health and University Medical Center that reported none of the patients in their COVID-19 units have received a vaccine for COVID-19 as far as they are aware.

According to UMC, there are seven patients in the hospital for COVID-19 between patients in the hospital floor and in the ICU. Covenant reports they have an average of five to ten patients in their hospital on any given day.

Covenant reported there were 11 patients in their hospital on Monday, and confirmed none had received a vaccine.

Dr. Prakash Shrestha, Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Covenant Health, said the data only goes to show how effective the vaccine is.

“We’ve been getting about 4 to 5 new patients a day or so in the past few weeks and what we’ve seen is these patients who are coming in with COVID 19, they are not vaccinated,” Dr. Shrestha said. “So we don’t see people who have been vaccinated who are coming to the hospital with serious infections.”

Shrestha said while they have seen some patients in the hospital following their vaccine in the past, it is usually just after receiving their first vaccine, between doses.

“We know what it’s 95 percent effective–the Moderna and Pfizer [vaccines]. So there’s a small chance that they might get infection even after the vaccination but then again, now, what we’re seeing right now is recent admissions — are all those people who did not receive vaccinations,” Shrestha said.

Heather Martinez, Vice President of ICU Services, said they have also seen a decrease in patients, but as far as they know, the folks in their COVID units also haven’t received a vaccine.

“I double checked even with our infection prevention control director to see if she had heard reports of any and she said that they have not heard of any,” Martinez said.

The Lubbock Health Department reports no one in Lubbock has died after receiving their vaccine.

Wesley Wells, Regional Pharmacy Director at Covenant Health, said they have not resumed administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He said they are still organizing, and trying to make the vaccine accessible.

“Kind of focus in on really figuring out who are the populations that are at risk, also the population that can’t get to the vaccine easily,” Wells said. “While the mass vaccination site works really well, that’s only one spot. So we really need to meet people where they’re at, that way it’s easier for them.”

Wells said they have administered more than 41,000 vaccines. UMC reports they have ceased vaccinations, and have not received any new vaccines since the beginning of this year.