LUBBOCK, Texas — Back on September 10, a Lubbock art class received devastating news that a mural it worked tirelessly for at least 60 hours on was spray-painted with apparent Greek fraternity symbols, egged and floured.

Over a week later, on September 18, Miss Megan’s Make Room posted a social media update stating that while the business was moving forward with the refurbishing process, it still had no answers as to who vandalized the mural or the motive behind it.

“As yet we have not been contacted by LPD in regard to our police report, and we’ve had one response to the 20+ emails we sent to various related departments and associations at Tech,” said Megan Shirley-Ross, also known as “Miss Megan,” in the post. “My pessimism has me not particularly surprised by this, and though it does hurt to be left largely unacknowledged by such institutions, it is time to…put on my big girl pants and get on with it. So that’s what I’ll do.”

The post detailed that 25 paint colors would be needed to repair the damaged mural.

“To say I’m angry this morning would be an understatement,” said Shirley-Ross.

A GoFundMe is open to help cover costs of paints not in the Make Room’s back stock, outdoor lighting for the mural’s location in the 1900 block of 33rd Street and all-weather plaques for all mural locations.

The Make Room’s unfortunate circumstance has been met with kindness and the community offering to help, but Shirley-Ross said she still did not have a date set for cleanup and repair on the mural. She did, however, invite the community to support the Make Room by joining a class or attending one of its upcoming Pumpkin Painting Parties.