LUBBOCK, Texas — Coaches and trainers for Lubbock Independent School District received some valuable insight on strength and conditioning Cleveland Browns coach Monty Gibson on Friday at Monterey High School.

Gibson began working as a strength coach for the Browns in 2018 and spoke LISD’s coaches and trainers about how to navigate when a player is ready to comeback from an injury and the weight room progression that could impact athletes on all levels.

“I’m back home in West Texas,” Gibson said. “Now with years of experience I can look back, I am a product of Texas coaches and the impact they made on me; my coaches growing up, and even when I first started coaching here in Texas and started my career.”

Gibson said it’s humbling to share his knowledge with others.

Those in attendance took notes, asked questions and learned new ways to strengthen their role as leaders and help their athletes.

“To help them perform and be at their best, just the physical, the mental and even the spiritual health that goes on with being the best you can be,” Gibson said. “It’s important, especially everybody talks about the Super Bowl this weekend, guaranteed those guys, staff and players want to be at the best they can be.”

Lubbock ISD Director of Sports Medicine, Shelly Macias, said she took many new protocols from the session, especially return to play.

“Big thing that I keep thinking about is communication is the key between the athletes, the coaches and the athletic training staff. So that we are all on the same page,” Macias said. “We are all here for the same goal for those kids to get them back. We want the kids and parents to know that we are here for those kids.”

Gibson also expressed the importance of coaches connecting with athletes through what’s known as language coaching.

“Giving them an image of what we are trying to master, the technique so that now we’ve got a common communication,” Gibson said. “So, if I see something, I can communicate, and they can make action on it right away that’s what coaches do.”