LUBBOCK, Texas– Joel Prock, owner of Prock Automotive, has done vehicle inspections at his business for the last 30 years told he has seen it all.

“Brakes that are almost non-existent where you get in it and it scares you to death to drive it because we have to do a test drive, sometimes there will be a [part about] to fall out where a wheel is going to fall off the car,” Prock said.

Although, Prock said he feels good doing the inspections, he doesn’t mind seeing them go, after Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law Monday afternoon that meant cars registered in 2025 would no longer have to have a safety check once a year starting September 1, 2023.

“We would really just assume not to do them, we’ve only always done them for customer convenience, but it is good to know that some of the cars are kept safe,” Prock said.

Many Texans won’t be saving any money out of this as they’re still required to pay that $7.50 fee, for some –it’s really cost and convenience over safety.

Down in Austin, many people voiced their concern in many areas prior to passing the bill.

“The first line of defense, again, for the safety of our fellow Texans is going to be actually a safety inspection,” said Sergeant Joe Escribano with Travis County Constable’s Office.

“Cars with bald tires and bad brakes are not just as safe as cars on the road,” said Greg Cole, the Chairman of the Texas State Inspection Association.

Prock said the safety of the vehicle will now be left up to the driver, and hopes it won’t be taken lightly.

“I would still highly encourage everybody to … find a good mechanic that they trust and get the car checked anytime you go in a shop,” Prock said.

Prock recommended people get everything checked including but not limited to head and tail lights, tires, brakes, and even taking a look under the hood.

“There will be a few more unsafe cars on the road that’s just going to be plain and simple because some people just will not fix anything until they absolutely have to until it falls apart,” Prock said.