LUBBOCK, Texas — Día De Los Muertos begins on Wednesday, and a Lubbock baker gave a breakdown of traditional desserts and practices used for the holiday.

Andrea Arrendondo said Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday used to remember our loved ones who have passed away. said the holiday “acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between life and death.”

Arredondo explained families who celebrate Dia De Los Muertos create Ofrendas for their loved ones.

Ofrendas are used to welcome their loved ones back home and are decorated with candles, photos of their loved ones, paper mache skulls, and foods and beverages they enjoyed when they were alive.

Some of the foods placed at the Ofrendas include Conchas or Pan Dulce, Pan De Muertos, and Empanadas De Calabaza.


Conchas are the most popular Pan Dulce in Mexico and are enjoyed by people all over the world. Concha translates to shell and pan dulce translates to sweet bread. The popular Mexican pastry is made with evaporated milk, cocoa powder, powdered sugar and eggs.

Pan De Muertos

Pan De Muertos is a traditional Mexican bread typically served on November 1 and 2 for the Day of the Dead. The sweet bread can be molded into different things, such as a rosary or a skull. Arrendondo said she makes her Pan De Muertos in the shape of bones.

Empanadas De Calabaza

Empanadas De Calabaza translates to Pumpkin Empanadas and is a staple pastry in the Mexican culture for the fall season. The pastries are made with Mexican cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, Crisco, piloncillo and pumpkin puree.