LUBBOCK, Texas — Amarillo’s first-ever cupcake-only bakery, The Ruffled Cup, was opened in 2010 by Deanna Hurt. When she decided to expand in 2016, she chose to land in the Hub City.

Sara Kunkel has been with Hurt from the get-go.

“I worked for her for 10 years,” Kunkel said. “I know the business side of it, the baking, I’m the cake decorator, I was a manager there.”

Then Hurt put the Lubbock location at Slide and 82nd up for sale. With Hurt being more than 100 miles away in Amarillo, Kunkel said she wanted someone who could be closer.

“Somebody needed to be here to kind of guide this place, and she wanted that for the Lubbock community,” Hurt said.

It’s always been a dream of Kunkel’s to own a bakery. With the Lubbock location up for sale, Kunkel asked Hurt to sell it to her, and she accepted the offer.

Kunkel moved to Lubbock in March and has finally fulfilled her dream.

“I love the history of the company,” Kunkel said. “My old boss laid down a great business model for me, and I hope to follow that and follow in her footsteps, and then definitely continue to grow this place.”

Kunkel said she hopes to feed customers with the feedback they give her.

“We’re just stepping back into what we kind of lost pre-COVID,” Kunkel said. “I was listening to what my customers were wanting, and I’m bringing the things back that they so loved.”

With COVID-19 a few years back, the sweet shop had to get rid of a lot of menu items to stay afloat. The re-grand opening is also the start of a new beginning for the bakery. Items that customers have been craving for quite a while are making a return. Breakfast favorites like cinnamon rolls and kolaches can be purchased at any time of the day.

The store hours have changed as well, now opening at 7:00 a.m. to roll out their freshly baked goods.