LUBBOCK, Texas – Local businesses have been working hard to combat the challenges of inflation and shipping delays. Sarah Womble, owner of Loolah’s boutique said she has been balancing the changing clothing trends while some of her items take a while to come in.

“It’s been a roller coaster not gonna lie. It’s up and down, some days are really good, some days are really slow,” said Womble.

Womble said some of her orders have taken up to a year to arrive, a difficult issue to combat as style trends are constantly changing by the time her orders come in. “I ordered boots last January, not this January but the January before and they just now came in a couple of months ago.”

Inflation has also been a factor affecting many local businesses.

“Shipping has gone up for us as well so our prices are having to go up as well, our prices have to go up just so we can make the ends meet. Things that shipped for me for $5 are now $11,” said Womble. 


The Governor’s Small Business Series is a resource that was made available for business owners like Womble to network and connect with tools available in the community to strengthen their business. 

“We’re always on our toes doing something new, something different. We kind of like to try whatever,” said Womble. 

Entrepreneurs were able to hear from panelists on various topics from economic development, to finance and funding while meeting with organizations that help launch their businesses.

Womble hopes that the community can shop local to show support for local businesses, “Shopping local and shopping with us before they shop on Amazon or on anything else. Even if it’s not something I have, sometimes we can get it for you.”

You can visit the Loolah’s Boutique Facebook page here.