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LUBBOCK, Texas — Two Docs said about a week ago, the Texas Craft Brewers Guild told management at Two Docs Brewing Co. they could change their license and hold ‘Picnics on the Patio,’ a chance to serve their customers their beer from their outdoor area. They did so for less than a week before receiving information Wednesday evening from the TABC preventing them from doing so any longer.

“We got information from the Texas Craft Brewers Guild that TABC had changed a few regulations and loosened somethings to allow us to sell beer to go and then change our licensed areas so our patio is no longer under the license and our customers could then chose to partake in drinking that beer on our patio,” Washington said.

General Manager and co-owner, Eric Washington said the news was frustrating. He said it is unfair breweries are being placed under a sort of blanket ruling.

“We were really just hoping for an opportunity to compete on equal grounds with everybody and continue to sort of provide for our staff and bring people in and keep the business afloat,” Washington said.

Washington said they had been following CDC guidelines, so it is unfair they would have to stop serving from their patio. He also said he feels other bars could also follow guidelines instead of being closed down.

“At this time we feel very under-represented in our government,” Washington said. “We also feel as though we could do a great job and we were doing a great job. We led Lubbock… Like I said on one of our Facebook posts we were and currently still on a PSA to safely open Lubbock as an example business that was doing a great job that the city chose to be in that PSA but of course we’re closed now, even though we were sort of an example of how to safely open in the beginning.”

A few blocks away, The Brewery LBK is operating at 50 percent capacity.

“Our license is tied with our license at the West Table,” said Mike Nghiem, co-owner of The Brewery LBK and general manager at The West Table said.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild said according to their survey, two out of every three Texas breweries stand to close as a result of Gov. Greg Abbott’s order by the end of the year.

Nghiem said they have a mixed beverage permit, and their alcohol sales at The West Table don’t meet the 51 percent threshold. Still, however, Nghiem said he’s devastated for breweries affected by the rule changes.

“Hopefully a few bad apples don’t ruin rot the entire bunch so to speak and they have the recognition that breweries like Two Docs and breweries across Texas they can open responsibly and they can do the right thing,” Nghiem said.

Two Docs said they will continue to go on strong, and are thankful for the folks who continue to support small businesses.

Two Docs Brewing Co. is offering beer to-go. Washington said they are doing alright because their beer is still available at local restaurants and grocery stores.

Click here for the Two Docs Brewing Co. website.

The Brewery LBK’s website can be found here.

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