LUBBOCK, Texas — South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. is warning people of the South Plains of an uptick in phone scams.

Lynn G. Simmons, director of communications at SPEC, said scammers plan to call people on paydays or at the beginning of the month when social security checks come in. Simmons warned that scammers have become more advanced in their techniques.

“They spoof our numbers,” said Simmons, “All of our numbers have 806-775-XXXX numbers and that’s what will show up on your caller ID so it makes people think twice of well it’s really the co-op.”

Simmons said scammers will use bully tactics to pressure people into forfeiting private information or money.

“Usually they demand payment–immediate payment– or [say] someone is on their way to your house to disconnect your service,” said Simmons. “They make it a panic, a rush short of deal to try to force somebody into making a quick decision and giving them a credit card number or something.”

Simmons said they have a section on their website that lists the latest scams their customers have reported. She said people in doubt should be cautious.

“The biggest takeaway always is just never ever give a payment over the phone or agree to anything like that. Just hang up and call us directly to verify,” said Simmons.