LUBBOCK, Texas – The Red Raiders play a sold out game against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday which means up to 60,000 fans will soon be scrambling to find a perfect parking spot.

Several fans have previously returned from the game to find their car has been towed after parking in the parking lots of businesses and restaurants, an issue that one local restaurant says does more harm than good for them. 

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Broadway street says they only have 29 parking spots, so when fans take those spots to go to the game, it interrupts the flow of business. 

“We’re here to take care of y’all. We want to do everything to help you have a good experience here with us but and it’s folks that are here and leave that take away from their experience,” said Lee Escobado, Operating Partner of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

The restaurant has signs posted across the parking lot that warn customers of towing, a sign that often gets ignored on game day. 

“A lot of folks park here and head to the game or do whatever and it makes us look like we’re real full and we’re not, so it does hurt our business,” Escobado said.

Escobado says when the parking lot is full of non-paying customers, it gives the illusion of a full restaurant that turns away potential customers. He hopes that fans can still stop by to support the business on gameday. “You got to try to support local and you know, help us as much as we can. We’re hoping the University of Texas brings a big crowd with them so we’re hoping for a big turnout.”

Instead, fans can park in the parking lot near the National Ranching Heritage Center and on the corner of 4th street and Texas Tech Parkway. 

You can click here for a game day parking map. 

Citibus will also provide fans with a shuttle service to and from the game for $5, you can click here for more information on available bus stops.