LUBBOCK, Texas – Large crowds gathered at Mackenzie Park Monday to celebrate Independence Day. 

People of all ages showed up to the park after the Fourth on Broadway Parade to enjoy the many food vendors, live music, plenty of games and more. Those in Lubbock showed how proud they are to celebrate their independence and freedom in the Hub City. 

“Blessed to be an American. And ever since I came to the United States 21 years ago, I’ve been in Lubbock, Texas. So I’ve been to these events in the past, yes. But every year it’s a new enthusiasm and new passion, especially after COVID,” Lubbock citizen Gus Khan said. 

The celebrations that take place in Lubbock for the Fourth of July are a tradition for many. 

“I’ve been here every year, maybe since I was like seven years old. My family would always come out here to the parade. I’m from Lubbock, born and raised. I love it,” one girl at the park said.

Some look forward to the food the most, but others, the fireworks.

“I saw some two days ago… I don’t know if these guys can beat it,” Maddox Gattis said. 

Of course, many were looking forward to headliner Vanilla Ice. 

“I definitely am looking forward to the fireworks and vanilla ice,” added Lubbock citizen Eric Brown.

Fourth on Broadway has been taking place in Lubbock since 1991 and has gone strong ever since, being recognized as the Largest Free Festival in Texas.