LUBBOCK, Texas –At Chickies Tasty Treats, for owner Stephanie Lindblom, life is pretty sweet.

“I’m a chocolatier. I’m a pastry chef. I’m a cupcake maker. Name me whatever you want,” Lindblom said, laughing.

First, she has the quintessential confections: chocolates, bonbons, caramels, turtles, cupcakes and macarons, to name a few. But she also offers some original culinary creations.

 “We have our ‘Cow Pattie’ …. Krispies, peanut butter and caramel. People really like that, but it looks like a cow patty,” Lindblom joked.

She also has fudge which she calls “The Best Thing on the Planet,” a label she stands by wholeheartedly.

Lindblom has the right recipe for sweet tooth success, but she emphasized business wasn’t always sugar and spice. Chickies Tasty Treats was originally set to open in March 2020.

 “That’s when everything hit,” Lindblom said.

The pandemic set them back, but the shop still managed to open in the summer of 2020.

Chickies’ origin story is complete with a few flavors itself. Opening the chocolate shop and bakery was a second chance for Lindblom after she quit her longtime corporate job in California and moved to Texas.

When she moved to the Lone Star State, Lindblom said she just looked at a map and happened to land on Lubbock.

The Hub City transplant taught herself everything around the kitchen through social media.

 “We physically make everything in shop, so I make all the chocolates. I paint all the molds. I make all the fillings. I do the whole thing from beginning to end,” Lindblom said.

Now for some, a bonbon by any name would taste as sweet — but what is the self-made chocolatier’s go-to treat?

“Today?” Lindblom laughed. “It changes by the week.”