LUBBOCK, Texas — Rev. Michael White, senior pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church, said his church was one of many buildings in Lubbock that lost power because of Lubbock Power & Light’s rolling outages this week.

“The power went out, and that cut off the HVAC system, which includes the heat,” said White.

White said when the outage happened, the water pipes that run throughout the building froze and eventually busted. Currently, ceiling tiles have fallen, mold has formed in various areas, and the carpet in the church’s sanctuary has flooded. White said water is filling up inside the church’s walls as well.

“This is where we come to worship God, and we can’t do that,” said White. “From the outside, everything looks fine, but inside here, it’s all torn apart.”

White said the water damage would cost the church at least $60,000, and parishioners won’t be allowed to return and worship until at least August.

“I’d rather have my house flood than the church,” said White.

To donate to the church’s GoFundMe, visit: Fundraiser by Michael White: Pilgrim Baptist Church – Flooded Bldg (