LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock City Council will have a female majority for the first time in its history and the newly elected councilwomen told KLBK News they are excited to bring their perspectives.

Voters elected Christy Martinez-Garcia to District 1 and Dr. Jennifer Wilson to District 5. The two will join Latrelle Joy with District 6 and Shelia Patterson Harris with District 2.

The new council will include four women and three men.

“I’m a firm believer that if I’m not invited to the table, I’ll bring my own chair,” said Martinez-Garcia. “If I’m not invited or allowed to be a part of that table, I’ll create my own.”

Martinez-Garcia said that’s exactly what she plans on doing when representing District 1. She told KLBK News that she overcame hurdles unique to minorities leading up to this point in her life.

“The challenges definitely have made me more aware of the needs of the public, as well as more empathetic,” Martinez-Garcia shared.

Dr. Wilson said she also overcame obstacles that have helped her get where she is today.

“I went to medical school as a single mother and worked very hard when lots of people told me, ‘there’s no way you will ever do that; you will not survive; you cannot do both,'” Dr. Wilson remembered. “I’m the type of person that says, ‘watch me.'”

The two turned doubts into a reality and set the stage for future minority councilmembers.

“I think as moms and wives and professionals, we want to do our best, and it was not an easy road to get here,” Martinez-Garcia said.

Women have been historically been underrepresented in politics.

“Representation matters. Lubbock now is 38% Hispanic and I think it’s important for them to see that someone like them, no matter what the role is, is committed to them,” Martinez-Garcia added.

Without that representation, Martinez-Garcia said, communities could be left behind.

“I think it’s important for us to make sure that we are serving the underserved,” Martinez-Garcia said.

The incoming female councilmembers said they are excited to be a part of the first female-majority council.

“And for them to be able to see that hard work and dedication that anybody can do anything,” Dr. Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson and Martinez-Garcia said while their perspectives are vital to the Lubbock community’s growth, they will continue to be a voice for everyone, regardless of their identities.

The new council members, along with elected mayor Tray Payne, will be sworn in on May 17.