LUBBOCK, Texas – On Tuesday, the Lubbock City Council approved an agreement to monitor and assess groundwater contamination at the former Wastewater Applications Sites.  

The city used land east of Lubbock for years to dispose of wastewater. However, the groundwater became contaminated with nitrates.  High levels of nitrates can be harmful to people according to numerous online sources.

An agreement with HDR Engineering Inc. was renewed to provide professional services to comply with state requirements in the city’s wastewater permit.

“It’s helpful that the city is actually proactively looking or evaluating every year what the nitrates are in groundwater,” said Aubrey Spear, the Director of Water Utilities.

The work will include preparing and updating groundwater models, predicting nitrate concentrations in the future, evaluating the Lubbock Land Application Site groundwater recovery system performance, and preparing annual reports for each land application site for submittal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The contract with HDR is worth $890,000 over five years.