LUBBOCK, Texas – This week’s tragedy involving two Oklahoma deputies being shot while out serving evictions has put into perspective what these officers do on a daily basis. Here in Lubbock, the county constables go through the uncertainty every day.

Lubbock County Constable for Precinct 1, Paul Hanna knows the risks involved, and said he must think about every angle of his surroundings from the minute he arrives at a house: what animals are around, if the resident is peeking through the door, and what lies around the house are just a few things they look out for.

“Our job is a dangerous one,” he said. “If we check out a location that may have an officer safety alert, then we’ll call for assistance at that time, but pretty much you’re not you don’t know what you’re walking up to when you’re going to knock on that door.”

He said they try to have some knowledge of what resident they are approaching, so they can be as prepared as possible. Many times, it’s a shock to whoever is being evicted and they may not handle it well. Constable Hanna said that it’s at that point incidents could happen.

With such daily uncertainty, one might wonder why officers like Constable Hanna choose to do what they do.

“It’s really an enjoyment because you get to see different things. It’s not just sitting in a car driving around all day, you actually go to different places, you meet different people. You create friendships with people, you get to know people in different areas, and you get to see all sorts of things on a regular basis,” Hanna explained.