Lubbock Co. Democratic Party attempts to turn stolen, vandalized signs into a positive

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[image of billboard provided by the Lubbock County Democratic Party]

LUBBOCK, Texas– It’s definitely an election year.

The Lubbock County Democratic Party reached out to after some political signs, as well as a political billboard on Interstate-27, were either stolen or vandalized.

“We bought this beautiful billboard on the Interstate to get good visibility,” said Gracie Gomez, chairwoman of the Democratic Party.

The billboard is located on I-27 across from New Deal High School.

“With us living here and not necessarily driving every day, it’s kind of hard to keep tabs on it,” Gomez said. “It’s sad. It just makes people that agree with that billboard double down and work harder on behalf of the candidates and the party.”

However, Gomez wanted to clarify that she knows these types of situations happen all around with either political party.

“I’m not gonna sit there and say members of our party have never done it,” she said.

But with this election year, Gomez said these types of actions work positively for the Democratic Party.

“There are ways we can turn [this] into something positive,” she said.

For every sign that is stolen or vandalized, the Democratic Party has chosen to donate to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign or to Planned Parenthood.

Gomez said she wished that political sign stealing or vandalism would never happen, but if it does, it makes the political party work harder

“For those who oppose our candidate and want to do it, all I can say is thanks because you’re helping us to donate more to the causes,” she said.

Gomez added she thought the paint on the billboard looked kind of like Roman candles and part of the design.

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