LUBBOCK, Texas — County commissioner approved a “memorandum of understanding” Monday morning to house local inmates in Montague County. Lubbock County will pay $60.00 per inmate per day.

An administrator with the Lubbock County Detention Center said the county has agreement with nine other jails and was still looking for even more jail space. Negotiations have been ongoing between Lubbock County and Giles Dalby Unit in Garza County.

State regulators ask jails to not exceed 90 percent of total capacity. In order to keep the number down, Lubbock has been keeping inmates with other counties. Other counties charge Lubbock between $50 and $75 per inmate per day.

The cost, not including transportation has been $281,000 for the fiscal year and continuing to increase by the day.

The jail held 1,375 inmates Monday, according to the information presented to the commissioners’ court. The 90 percent capacity would be 1,361 per day.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe also spoke to commissioners. He said the issue of jail crowding impacts all of Texas, not just Lubbock. Rowe said statewide 60,000 – 65,000 inmates daily is normal, but currently the number is more like 72,000 daily.

Rowe said depending who does the analysis, the problem is forecast to continue from 3 to 5 years or maybe even 7 years.