LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock County Commissioners voted to approve a tax rate Monday morning.  Technically, the rate is lower, but because of property values, most homeowners will see a tax increase.

Some citizens spoke against the increase, and County Commissioner for Precinct 2, Jason Corley, said the tax rate did not “not address the elephant in the room.” previously reported Lubbock County planned the highest possible property tax that could be done without holding an election. Public records showed the proposed rate was listed as 34.7507 cents per $100 of taxable value. It would result in a $64 yearly increase for the average Lubbock Co. homeowner.

Lubbock County Tax Rate

  • 2022 Adopted Rate $0.347720
  • 2023 No New Revenue $0.331906
  • 2023 Voter Approval Rate $0.347507
  • 2023 Proposed Rate $0.347507

A handful of citizens said they did not support the tax increase and that Lubbock County taxpayers already pay too much as it is. Corley, who voted against the tax rate, said Lubbock County had bigger issues, such as the jail and the money it takes to house inmates. He felt spending more money now would mean saving money for the county in the future.

During Monday’s hearing, Corley said the Lubbock County Detention Center would need more money to house more inmates. He went on to say the District Attorney’s Office also needed more funding and more prosecutors.  He wants more prosecutors to move more people through the courts and the jail faster. His fellow commissioners agree on the idea, but they think the first step is to hire more prosecutors with the openings that are currently available.

“If you take a gallon milk jug and you take a half gallon milk jug, they both use the same size lid because they have the same sized spout,” Corley said. “Our bottleneck right now is in the DA’s office.”

County Commissioner for Precinct 4, Jordan Rackler, also voted no. He said he wanted to go back to the No New Revenue rate.

The motion was passed 3 to 2.